About Foodstream

Foodstream features time-critical dining information out of millions of analysed data from all restaurants, users, web sites, and 3rd parties via Foodstream's proprietary recommendation methodology. Its open approach allows users to explore & interact directly with any entities that "plug-in" with Foodstream. We cover anything from dining deals to special menus, take-out services, new restaurants, happy hours, popular items, etc. that influence user's dining decision.

Foodstream is the first product developed by Chevia, Inc., a web startup located in San Jose, CA. It is currently available on the App Store for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) across United states.

Support for other mobile platforms and the full web version will be available some time this year. We are also working on making the product even more personalized, more interactive, and more social for our next major release, and adding support for more countries. More details will be announced later.

Foodstream was featured by Mashable and TheAppleGoogle, and was listed as one of the 9 Next Big Things from SXSW on BusinessesGrow.

Some recent reviews about Foodsream:

From a user in Texas:

"I currently use UrbanSpoon, but in my opinion Foodstream provides a lot more information and is more user friendly. I really like that it includes happy hours and dining deals. I can't tell you how many times I have gone to Google and typed in "best happy hour austin, tx" but it is always hard to find good information. I feel like this is a solid app that will appeal to all ages and replace any other app that is similar. Foodstream doesn't just cover one area, it covers anything and everything you would want to know about dining."

From a user in New York:

"As a picky eater who has a habit of eating out often that was formed while living in NYC, I immediately found a great use for it myself. I love how I can search for "salads nearby" and see a quick list of pictures of the actual salad. This is something I've tried many times on the Yelp app for example, to no avail. I'm also a Groupon and restaurant.com user, so I like seeing that collaboration as well."

Our Team

Paul Lo, Founder

Paul was an early employee at Yahoo! who has built Yahoo!'s membership services from the ground up and has invented a social network aggregation platform that powers Yahoo! Updates. He was also co-founder of E-Steam, a data mining company that was winner of KDD Cup 2000, an annual worldwide data mining competition.

Paul received a M.S. in Computer Science at Stanford University and B.Eng. in Computer Science at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Special Thanks

We would like to thanks Sizhao Yang (Founder & CEO of MyMiniLife, the platform that powers FarmVille by Zynga), Todd Masonis (Co-founder of Plaxo), Chris Gill (President of SVASE), Betty Kayton, In Sik Rhee (Rembrandt Ventures), Tim Chang (Norwest Venture Partners), Greg Baszucki (Band of Angels), Brian Flynn (Esplanade Partners), Dave McClure, David Nikzad, Dan Appelman, Bill Grave, T.K. Iwata, Victor Wong, and many others for their advice and assistance.

Contact Us

We would love to hear your feedback! You may send us an email at feedback@foodstream.net. Please try out our iPhone app and help spread the word about Foodstream. If you don't have an iPhone, our full-featured web site will also be launching soon. Please let us know your thoughts so that we can make our products better to you.

Join Us

We are looking for some superstars to join our team. Please refers to our Jobs page for our openings